Tips for a Book Launch Party


Here are some tips and ideas for a Book Launch Party:

1. Set the date early

You should start planning and promoting your Book Launch Party at least two months in advance.

2. Venue

Your venue should be local. Many bookstores and other businesses looking for exposure may be willing to host your party for free or at a low cost.

3. Make it a party!

Remember it is a Book Launch PARTY, not just a Book Launch. Make it fun. Offer food and drinks. Music is also great if your venue allows.

4. Have a theme

Your party should have a theme tied in with the theme of your book. For example, if your book is a Science Fiction book, deck the room in spaceships, ET’s and other sci-fi items. If you’ve written a romance, have your book launch party it at a romantic location with roses on the table, romantic music in the background, etc..

5. Invitations

  • Send out personal invitations in the mail. This is very important. Remember it’s a party!
  • Advertise the event on Facebook and Twitter
  • Can the local media do a short story on your book and announce your party? Also, invite the local media to your party.

6. Offer Free Entry with Book purchase (and of course have books on hand so people can purchase at the door)

7. Have a Sign-in Sheet to capture everyone’s name and email address of those who attended the party.

8. Some thoughts on Your Presentation:

  • Half-way into the event, a host should introduce you to the crowd and you can give a 5 to 10 minute “Thank Everyone” speech. Introduction with lights, and drum roll can add drama.
  • Show your book trailer or other video on a big screen at the event.
  • Get some actors (maybe students or amateur actors) to re-enact a scene from the book.  You can  film this and place it on on You Tube and on your website.

9. Get help from your family and friends

You will need help from your family and friends to be sure everything runs smoothly. Your party needs to be organized. In the run up to the event, rehearse everything. Practice your speech, run through the video presentation, etc…

10. The party should be 90 minutes to 2 hours

11. Take pictures at the party and post them on Facebook.

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