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Promote Your Book With a Video Book Trailer

A Video Book Trailer can be an effective tool to promote your book.  A Video Book Trailer can be an especially effective way to: Increase traffic to your Author Website.   The search engines love video! In addition, a Book Trailer on your website helps increase the professional image of your book and helps to separate it from the pack. Promote your book to your social media network.  Facebook, Goodreads and LinkedIn are all good places to post your video Book Trailer and, if you have Read More +

How To Get Your Friends to Write Amazon Book Reviews for Your New Book

Amazon book reviews are essential to sell your book beyond your immediate circle of family and friends.  No one who doesn’t know you will by your book on Amazon if they don’t see any Amazon book reviews. The easiest way to get Amazon book reviews is to ask your friends and family to post book reviews on Amazon for your new book. However, it has been my experience that they won’t do this until you make it real easy for them.  Here is how to make it real easy. Read More +

Book Marketing Advice for Christian Authors

  I was on a panel discussion on Wednesday on Self-Publishing on the Christian Blog Talk Radio station Fishn4Souls hosted by Matt S. Senge.  You can listen to the entire discussion here at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fishn4souls/2013/01/24/road-less-published-1.  I thought the discussion was very instructive and I think Christian authors in particular will enjoy the panel discussion (and the weekly radio program).  If I could summarize my advice to the many aspiring and published Christian authors who were on the panel and who called in, it would be this: There Read More +