Pop-Up-Brands by Branding Expert Marco Casanova Becomes the #1 Amazon New Release in Global Marketing!


The just released book, Pop-Up-Brands: Business Excellence in Brand Management in the Industry 4.0 Era, by branding expert Marco Casanova, has become the #1 New Release in Global Marketing on Amazon Kindle and has also been ranked in Global Marketing as an Top 20 overall Amazon Best Seller.

In Pop-Up-Brands Casanova helps his readers navigate the Industry 4.0 Era, the era of interconnectivity, automation, real-time data, and rapid change.  If capitalized on, there is tremendous potential for success in the Industry 4.0 Era. However, if brands fail to keep up with the changing landscape, it is a certain recipe for disaster.

In the book, Casanova shows how successful companies like DISNEY and RED BULL and Sports Organizations like the NFL and UEFA have learned to succeed in the Industry 4.0 Era by implementing the strategy of Pop-Up-Brands (even though they don’t officially call it this…).

The strategy of Pop-Up-Brands consists of regularly launching new brands which are used primarily to allow an envisaged image transfer towards their overall Corporate BRAND and which are, from the very beginning, conceptualized to vanish again after a certain period of time.

Casanova says, “Today’s winner brands are using emerging technologies to play a meaningful role in people’s lives by moving from driven by goods towards powered by services. That trend in the Industry 4.0 Era, the BRAND, has to be conceptualized as a service for the customers. Capitalizing on the platform economy through value creation networks is the order of the day for any brand and for everyone involved in managing brands.”

Some of the topics covered by Pop-Up-Brands include:

• Digital transformation at the center of corporate strategy
• Purpose-driven brands and why brand loyalty is all about shared values
• The new brand mindset that brands no longer have customer; just prospects—and all the time!
• Trends in delivering branded prospect touchpoint experiences
• User-generated content branding


Marco Casanova

Marco Casanova is the founder and managing partner of the Branding Institute, which he began in 2002. He serves on various executive boards and is consulting as strategic advisor various global large-scale and mid-sized enterprises of multiple industries, as well as international organizations, associations, and countries and their governmental institutions in brand and reputation guided stakeholder management. He holds a vast global network into various opinion leader circles through his political, economic, and scientific activities.

He is the founder of the Community of Interest COI Branding in Switzerland, as well as co-founder and co-chairman of the International Brand & Reputation Community (INBREC).

He is an internationally renowned speaker for various executive management programs, as well as at conferences around the globe (Europe, China, India, South America), and for the United Nations (e.g. UNWTO).



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