One Eye or Two?, by Dr. John Meyer and Mark Prussian, Continues to Top the Amazon Bestseller List!

Amazon Kindle BestsellerOne Eye or Two?: Insider Secrets to Help You Choose the Right LASIK Surgeon, by John C. Meyer M.D. and Mark M. Prussian, published in June 2018, continues to be a popular book for those seeking information on LASIK surgery.  As of January 9, 2020 the Amazon Kinde edition of was listed as the #3 Bestselling book for Ophthalmology and #4 for Lasers in Medicine!

This definitive guide to LASIK surgery and provides readers with:

  • Insider secrets so they can confirm whether LASIK is right for them
  • Guidance on choosing the best LASIK surgeon
  • Tips on how to recognize an outstanding LASIK center and fair LASIK pricing

John C. Meyer, MD is a well-known LASIK and cornea surgeon based in Louisville, KY. Dr. Meyer received his medical degree from St. Louis University and then joined the Navy where he completed an internship in general surgery at Naval Hospital San Diego before deployment as a naval flight surgeon with the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing in IRAQ during Operation Desert Storm. Next, Dr. Meyer returned to St. Louis for a residency in ophthalmology followed by a fellowship in cornea and refractive surgery at Emory University in Atlanta. Dr. Meyer frequently travels throughout the world to teach refractive surgery techniques to other ophthalmologists and share research on the clinical trials in which he participates.

Mark M. Prussian is a seasoned healthcare administrator. Prussian received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Wayne State University and a Master of Business Administration from Webster University. Prussian is a board certified healthcare executive and a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives as well as a Certified Ophthalmology Executive. Prussian has actively lectured throughout the United States on the business of LASIK as well as digital strategies in healthcare.

You can purchase a Kindle edition of Eye or Two?: Insider Secrets to Help You Choose the Right LASIK Surgeon here.

The book is also available in paperback and hardcover.




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