The Shape-Shifter’s Wife Becomes an Amazon Bestseller!

The recently released novel The Shape-Shifter’s Wife by Carolyn Radmanovich has become the number 2 Amazon Kindle Bestselling book in Western Science Fiction!  In addition, the book has become the number 11 Amazon Kindle Bestselling book in Time Travel Romance.

The Shape-Shifter’s Wife  is about world weary, despondent and widowed, Angelica, an anthropology professor from the University of San Francisco, who takes a trip to heal her soul.  Canoeing on the Russian River in Northern California, she collides with a submerged tree and becomes pinned underwater, where she has a near-death experience.

She awakes to a handsome man rescuing her, pulling her out of the river. She quickly discovers that she has been transported to California’s Gold Rush era in 1848.

The good-looking stranger, Reynard—known as Gray Fox—has a charming allure that Anjelica finds hard-to-resist.  Reynard’s sister tells Anjelica that the strange circumstances of her arrival may have a great deal of significance; Reynard has been told by his mentor, and Indian medicine man, that Anjelica will be the one to break a long-standing family curse.

What follows is an exciting tale of love, sacrifice, mythology, and adventure that readers will find impossible to put down.  Reverend Evelyn Hall, leader of women’s vision quests and sacred circles says of the book, “The Shape-Shifter’s Wife is a story of love lost, love found, and the enduring nature of love.  This story takes you on an adventure from present-day San Francisco to the Russian River in the 1840s to the mystical mythology of the Native Americans and the brutal clash of cultures.  A story to warm your heart and boil your blood.”

Author Carolyn Radmanovich’s inspiration for her novel came from her own near-death accident and by a series of dreams she had after nearly drowning in California’s Russian River.  The dreams led her to explore the mysteries of shamanism, vision questions, Osho meditation, and, eventually, to write The Shape-Shifter’s Wife.

You can purchased a copy of the Kindle edition here.







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