Scott Ritchey Achieves Number One on Amazon Best Seller List!

Scott Ritchey’s new book, Make More Money: 12 Profit Pillars For HVAC Contractor Success, has has soared to become the number one Amazon Kindle Best Selling book in Contracting Engineering and in Heating & Air Conditioning Engineering.

Make More Money: 12 Profit Pillars For HVAC Contractor Success gives the essential financial and business advice that will help any HVAC owner sustain a successful business. In the book, Ritchey shares his experience gained from working with over 395 companies and thousands of individuals and outlines the 12 “Profit Pillars” that all but guarantee success in the HVAC contracting industry.

According to Ritchey, 30 to 35 percent of HVAC ownerships fail by year three, 47 percent by year four, and a staggering 90 percent of them fail within 10 years. “It is my goal that my readers make it past year ten in their business, instead of becoming part of the 90 percent of HVAC businesses that fail,” says Ritchey”

Ritchey has many fans in the HVAC industry.

“I’ve worked with Scott for more than 25 years, and his books and strategies got me to where I am today,” says Herb Hovey, owner of HH Hovey. “I came to him to learn how to compete with the big boys, and now I am one of them.”

“We’re showing growth every year,” says Van Edwards, Owner of Edwards Refrigeration. “We’re up to an average of $200,000-plus per service truck, which is better than the industry benchmark. We started as a 100% residential company, but today we have a very strong commercial business as well; that’s where the big money is. That’s what I learned, to go where the biggest profit was. I would say to other business owners, you need someone like Scott Ritchey.”

Scott Ritchey is the vice president of Plumbers Supply Company. He has a demonstrated history of working with and developing sales and leadership teams in the HVAC and plumbing wholesale industry. Ritchey is skilled in P&L analysis, budgeting, and strategic planning. He has an M.B.A. focused in business and managerial economics from Sullivan University. He is a speaker, trainer, and author.

You can purchase a copy of Make More Money: 12 Profit Pillars For HVAC Contractor Success here.


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