Reset: 11 Ways to Reset the Old and Grow Becomes the Number 1 Amazon New Release in Operations Research!

The just released book, Reset: 11 Ways to Reset the Old and Grow, by business and marketing experts Brad Gaines and Chad Celi, is currently the #1 New Release in Operations Research on Amazon Kindle and has been listed as a Top 20 Amazon Best Seller in Sales & Selling Techniques.

In Reset: 11 Ways to Reset the Old and Grow,  Gaines and Celi help readers hit the “reset” button and grow their businesses with new methods that are more profitable, more energizing, and more impactful to the clients and customers they serve.

According to Gaines and Celi there are 11 steps to hitting the reset button on a business. Some of those steps include:

  • Rethinking certain aspects of a business without bias; from the market’s and customer’s point of view. When someone is too close to something, it can alter the way they interpret information. Many companies “breathe their own exhaust” and continue to use strategies and systems that are no longer relevant.
  • Getting customers to purchase from a business again, and again, and again.
  • Rebranding with more than just a new logo and freshened up website.
  • Companies should rebrand by enhancing the customer experience.
  • Reactivating dormant customers.
  • Getting more customers to refer a business.
  • Eliciting online reviews that will lead more customers to a business.
  • Relearning how to market in this, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Gaines and Celi say, “Our hope for you is that, while reading this book, you’ll honestly evaluate your current marketing technologies, marketing approaches, selling methods, revenue growth strategies, and profit-maximizing practices and ask yourself what you are doing that is old and needs to be RESET to achieve the highest and best performance for your company.” They add, “If your ambitions are greater than the results you’ve achieved thus far; this book is for you.”

You can purchase Reset: 11 Ways to Reset the Old and Grow here.


“It’s definitely time to RESET!” –Jill Konrath, Bestselling author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies

“Time and time again I work with companies that fail to understand the accelerating pace of change today, and how it affects consumer behavior and their marketing efforts. The concept and practice of ‘RESET’ is an absolute necessity for today’s marketers.” -Robert Reiher Ph.D., Product Development Psychologist

“In the rapidly changing technological environment that we all live in, RESET is both timely and relevant. Its message is rock solid and the writing is clear and entertaining.” –Heidi Sealy, SVP, MGM Resorts International


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