My Last Letter Home is an Amazon Best Seller!

My Last Letter Home by Eugene PowellMy Last Letter Home, written by San Jose author Eugene Powell and published by Bookstand Publishing, has climbed to the top of the Amazon Best Seller rankings for Western novels!  The book currently ranks as the #5 Kindle Best Seller book under Western Fiction Classics and #7 for Frontier and Pioneer novels. Overall paid rank is 2,940 which ranks the book in top 1% of Amazon Kindle sales.

My Last Letter Home takes place during a time of Westward Expansion and narrates the story of Troy from his birth and childhood to the culmination of his dream to become a cowboy. As Troy goes West, he experiences love, joy, and sorrow, as he learns from special people along the way.

In the time before cars, Troy goes West with the wagon train. He meets good guys, and tough guys, scoundrels, and drunkards, and families who have risked all for the unknown opportunity.

The Amazon Kindle edition can be purchased here.

The Paperback Edition can be purchased here and the Hardcover Edition here.


My Last Letter Home - Best Seller Western Fiction Classics


My Last Letter Home -Best Seller Pioneer Western Fiction



My Last Letter Home - Amazon Overall Ranking 5-5-15


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