Messages with a Meaning Becomes the Number 1 Amazon Best Seller in Christian Preaching!


Messages with a Meaning, by Dr. James Alvin West, has surged to become the number 1 Kindle best selling book in both Christian Preaching and Christian Sermons!

Dr. West is a prominent minister and speaker in Peachtree, Georgia.  He is a dynamic speaker who has taught and preached worldwide.  He has served in law enforcement as a Police Chaplain and as the Personal Security Assistant to the Georgia State Attorney General.   He has a Doctorate in Ministry from Kings University in Van Nuys, California.

Messages with a Meaning is a collection of short and inspiring sermons givens by Dr. West over the course of 46 years of ministry.  The messages offer practical principles that come from a deep appreciation of scripture. These short sermons are ideal for meditation and reflection as well as an excellent resource for pastors and lay leaders.

“Rev. James West has managed to do the unthinkable,” says Reverend Jordan Allen. “In a very simple context, Rev. West gives you the Word with supporting references—and the meat of the sermon while leaving you with food for thought. It is easy reading and, at times, humorous!”


The Kindle edition of Messages with a Meaning can be purchased here.

The paperback edition of Messages with a Meaning can be purchased here.


Best Seller in Preaching

Best Seller in Christian Sermons


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