Many Shades of Gray Becomes an Amazon Bestseller!

Many Shades of Gray by Carl TurcoMany Shades of Gray, written by Carl Turco and published by Bookstand Publishing, has become an Amazon Top 20 Best Seller!

Currently Many Shades of Gray is ranking #2 for Amazon Kindle sales in Literary History and Criticism and #8 in Organized Crime. In addition, with an overall ranking of 2,949, it is among the top 1% of Amazon Kindle sales.

Many Shades of Gray: A Story of Love, Pain, War & The Enduring Human Spirit, is an epic novel about the rite of passage, indomitable young love, gangsters, heartbreak and war.

Brooklyn, New York, and Vietnam in the turbulent 1960s and 70s are the backdrop of this story about Marco’s journey through love, war, Mafia, and street gangs.

He and his friends get strong and fight back. Marco and Francesca fall madly in love. But her Mafia family interfers with the fulfillment of their tormented relationship. Marco finds solace in music. Marco and his friends see hell in Vietnam. Some die.

Felix Lopez falls in love with Thien Lan. The pullout of America from Vietnam devastates their lives. Felix fights many odds to be reunited with Lan. The Mafia’s secrecy ends with a flashy, new Godfather.

The Amazon Kindle Edition of Many Shades of Gray can be purchased here.

The Paperback Edition of Many Shades of Gray can be purchased here.


Kindle Bestseller in Literary History and Criticism 4240


Kindle Bestseller in Organized Crime 4240

Kindle Bestseller Ranking June 3 2015 - Record 4240

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