How To Get Your Friends to Write Amazon Book Reviews for Your New Book

Amazon book reviews are essential to sell your book beyond your immediate circle of family and friends.  No one who doesn’t know you will by your book on Amazon if they don’t see any Amazon book reviews.

The easiest way to get Amazon book reviews is to ask your friends and family to post book reviews on Amazon for your new book. However, it has been my experience that they won’t do this until you make it real easy for them.  Here is how to make it real easy.

First find your book on Amazon, and scroll down until you see the “Write a Customer Review” button (see the screen shot below).

Customer Review Button for Amazon Book Reviews

Click on the button and you will go to the Customer Review Page.  Highlight everything on the page link up until the “&” symbol (see highlighted page link in the screen shot below)

Write Amazon Book Reviews

Copy this link and paste it into your email and let them know this is where to go to write a review. This way they don’t have to figure anything out.  Your friends and family can just go to this page and start writing a review.

In addition, in your email, mention three or more ideas they could mention in the review.  This will make it even easier for your friend or family member to post a review.

Now send individual emails (not a group email) to friends and family members asking them to post an Amazon book review, with the customer review link for your book, and the three or more ideas for the review. Below is an example of an email asking for an Amazon book review for your reference:




 Hi George,

As you know I have just published my new book, Whitewater Rafting in the Pacific Northwest.  It is the definitive guide to whitewater rafting in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

I was wondering if you could help me out and post a review for my book on Amazon (after you have had a chance to review the book of course).

Here is the link where you can go to post the review:

Anything you want to write would be fine, of course, but if you would like some ideas on what to say you might mention one of more of the following:

  •  It is an up to date guide to all the whitewater sites in the Pacific Northwest
  •  Each whitewater site is described in detail and given a rating
  •  The tips and resources in the book are helpful both to beginners and experienced rafters
  •  The author is an expert in white water rafting having personally rafted all 361 sites himself

Please note that you do NOT have to buy my book on Amazon to post a customer review you just have to have an account on Amazon.

Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.



Author of Whitewater Rafting in the Pacific Northwest


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