Why You Should Do A FREE Kindle Book Launch Promotion

Amazon Kindle PromotionI recommend that new, relatively unknown authors consider a free Kindle Book Launch Promotion using Kindle Select.   Normally a FREE promotion should be accompanied with promotion on various e book sites that promote free or discounted eBooks.

Here are the benefits of doing a FREE Book Launch Promotion on Kindle:

  1. It gets you noticed.

The challenge today for authors is not getting published (which is relatively easy) but getting noticed.   A FREE promotion of your Kindle is an inexpensive way to get lots of downloads on your book and getting lots of people reading your story.

  1. It gets you reviews.

Kindle readers of your book will get a pop-up page from Amazon at the end of your Kindle book asking them to rate the book.  If your free readers like your book they will give your book a review.   Getting reviews is critical is distinguishing your book from the millions of other books on Amazon.

  1. It helps your Amazon rankings and search results.

Free Downloads of a book will count as paid sales once your book reverts to its regular paid status.  This boosts your book rank within your books categories which makes it easier for new readers to find your book.

Additionally, Amazon search results are based on an algorithm that gives a lot of weight to sales (free downloads or paid sales).  So if a customer searches for a topic related to your book and your book has had a lot of downloads, your book will show up higher in the search results than books on the same topic with fewer downloads.

  1. It gets you post-promotion Kindle sales as well as hard copy sales.

Generally, you will see paid Kindle sales jump after a FREE promotion.  This is because readers who like your book will recommend it to friends and associates; the additional Amazon reviews for your book will convert online browsers of your book to buyers of your book, and; your book will come up higher in your assigned book categories and Amazon search results increasing the ability of people to find your book

Because a FREE Kindle promotion increases the visibility of your title it often also increases the sales of your hard copy editions (i.e. paperback and/or hardcover).

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