Debits and Credits Made Easy, an Introductory Accounting Book, Becomes an Amazon Best Seller!

Debits and Credits Made Easy by John StrangeDebits and Credits Made Easy: A Survival Guide for Your First Week in Introductory Accounting, written by Professor John Sebastian Strange and published by Bookstand Publishing, has bolted to the top of the Amazon Best Seller Rankings!

As of today the book is the # 3 ranked overall book under Financial Accounting and the #2 ranked Kindle book. In addition, the book is ranked #4 in Best Sellers for Two-Hour Business & Money Short Reads.

Debits and Credits Made Easy is an ideal book for anyone trying to learn accounting. For most students in an Introductory Accounting course, the first week is a terrible experience — learning the unusual concepts of debits and credits is a major headache. The purpose of Debits and Credits Made Easy is to eliminate the confusion surrounding debits and credits — and present these concepts in a simple, straight-forward manner.

The Amazon Kindle edition can be purchased here.

The Paperback Edition can be purchased here.


3354 Best Seller Ranking Financial Accounting Kindle


3354 Kindle Best Seller Ranking Two Hour  Business and Money Short Reads

3354 Kindle Best Seller Ranking

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