Custer’s Gold Climbs to the Top of the Amazon Best Seller Rankings!

Custer's Gold by John LubetkinCuster’s Gold,  a novel written by award-winning author M. John Lubetkin, and published by Bookstand Publishing, has climbed to the top of the Amazon Best Seller rankings for Western novels!  This intricately and meticulously researched Western fiction novel currently ranks as the #2 Kindle Best Seller book under Frontier and Pioneer novels and #19 under Westerns. Overall paid rank is 2,472 which ranks the book in top 1% of Amazon Kindle sales.

The novel begins when George Armstrong Custer sets out to guard Northern Pacific Railroad engineers in the Yellowstone Valley from Sitting Bull. He is looking forward to a reunion with his West Point friend and Confederate foe, Tom Rosser. Little does he know that Rosser has discovered the location of stolen gold, nor that the man who stole the gold a decade earlier is shadowing them, intent on recovering it for himself at any cost. Bristling with action, Custer’s Gold is a work of historic fiction taking the reader from bar room brawls to bordellos, from robber barons to hard fought Indian battles, all with the violence, realism and irony that typified this dynamic period of American growth.

The Amazon Kindle edition can be purchased here.

The Paperback Edition can be purchased here and the Hardcover Edition here.

Custer's Gold - Frontier and Pioneer Amazon Bestseller

Custer's Gold - Westerns Amazon Bestseller


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