Child of the Blue becomes the #1 Amazon Bestseller in Biographies of the Air Force!

9781634982566Child of the Blue – Growing Up Military by L. Diane Ryan has become a #1 Amazon Best Seller.  The Amazon Kindle Edition of the book is currently ranked  #1 in Biographies of the Airforce, #1 in United States Veterans History and #1 in 1945 – Present American History.

In Child of the Blue, L. Diane Ryan serves up a feast of amazing memories drawn from the happy chaos of her childhood growing up in an Air Force family. She writes with humor and passion about her adventures in far flung places with extraordinary people. But the book examines things far beyond a simple retelling of a family’s wide military travel. Ryan writes wistfully about the simpler times of her baby boomer youth and the marvelous adventures of her “free range” childhood. She talks of “family” in its many forms and the challenges and triumphs faced over the course of many moves over many years. She brings each place into clear focus and offers insights on the ever-changing times. This is a joyful book that celebrates those places, the times she lived through and the people in her life on her path to maturity. In extolling the unexpected virtues of military family life, she honors and pays tribute to her loving, often raucous, and remarkably resilient family.

The Amazon Kindle Edition of Child of the Blue can be purchased here

The Paperback Edition of Child of the Blue can be purchased here.

The Hardcover Edition of Child of the Blue can be purchased here.


#1 Biographies of the Air Force

#1 United States Veterans History

#1 1945 - Present American History

Child of the Blue Overall Ranking 3-2-16

Amazon Ranking for Child of the Blue by L. Diane Ryan, March 2, 2016

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