Change Management Expert David Cawood Achieves #1 on Amazon Bestseller List!

The Secret SabbaticalThe Secret Sabbatical: The Revolutionary Approach to Recover Your Imagination and Discover Your Destiny for the Rest of Your Life,  by Dr. David Cawood, has become the is the #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller in Personal Transformation & Spirituality!  It is also currently the #2 Best Seller in Retirement Planning and #4 in Spiritual Growth Self Help.

The Secret Sabbatical is based on a powerful and unique course Cawood developed while serving as Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia.   The book and course advocate taking time out to discover your destiny and answer the pressing question, “What should I do with the rest of my life?”  

The Secret Sabbatical combines the best of humanities, science, and leadership skills to provide a new approach to self-discovery and creating meaningful and lasting change.  The book draws on great movies and novels, as well as Rumi, Shakespeare, Joseph Campbell, Jill Bolte Taylor, Cesar Millan, Marcus Aurelius, and others, to provide readers with encouragement. Jack Nicholson, Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt also enthusiastically assist in bringing guiding characters to life.

The material is presented in a clear sequence. In only weeks readers will learn, in attainable steps, the skills, tools, and vital inspiration they seek.

In the book, Cawood argues that the lasting change you need is something that goes beyond a surface personal brand. In The Secret Sabbatical readers will go on adventures and thought experiments, and practice new ways of discovering their best options. The book will help readers find exactly what they’re looking for, and become who they’re meant to be. They will recover their imagination to fulfill their potential and live their destiny, while enjoying and creatively responding to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

They will learn to see better and to do better.

The Amazon Kindle Edition of The Secret Sabbatical can be purchased here.

The Paperback Edition of The Secret Sabbatical can be purchased here.

Dr. Cawood also maintains a blog at


Amazon Best Seller Personal Transformation - The Secret Sabbatical

Amazon Best Seller Retirement Planning - The Secret Sabbatical

Amazon Best Seller Spiritual Growth Self Help - The Secret Sabbatical

2-24-16 Overall Ranking for The Secret Sabbatical

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