Bending Reality by Dr. Richard Schultz Becomes an Amazon Bestseller!

Bending Reality Front CoverBending Reality, written by Dr. Richard Schultz and published by Bookstand Publishing, has become an Amazon Top 20 Best Seller!

Currently Bending Reality is ranking #3 for Amazon Kindle sales in Travel Biographies and Memoirs and #6 in Biographies of Medical Professionals. In addition, with an overall ranking of 2,466, it is among the top 1% of Amazon Kindle sales.

Bending Reality is a well written and beautifully illustrated account of the adventurous career of plastic surgeon Richard Schultz.  Along with his involvement with the CIA and the Chicago underworld, he relates some of his life threatening professional activities in India and East Africa. He writes of how he overcame multiple serious encounters in communist countries before the breakup of the Soviet empire.  It is a fascinating and exciting read!

The Amazon Kindle Edition of Bending Reality can be purchased here.

The Paperback Edition of Bending Reality can be purchased here.



#3 Amazon Kindle Best Seller Travel Biographies & Memoirs #6 Amazon Kindle Best Seller Biographies of Medical Professionals Amazon Ranking 8-19-15 Bending Reality 3933

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