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Michael Carrier’s Ghosts of Cherry Street becomes an Amazon Bestseller!

Ghosts of Cherry Street: And the Cumberbatch Oubliette by Michael Carrier has become an Amazon Top 20 Best Seller! Currently the Amazon Kindle edition Ghosts of Cherry Street is the #3 Best Seller in Pulp Thrillers, the #6 Best Seller in Hard-Boiled Mystery and the #6 Best Seller in Noir Crime.  The launch campaign for the just released Ghosts of Cherry Street: And the Cumberbatch Oubliette was coordinated by Bookstand Promotions. Ghosts of Cherry Street: And the Cumberbatch Oubliette is a suspense thriller involving a chamber of incarceration and torture and a fiendish secret Read More +

Why You Should Do A FREE Kindle Book Launch Promotion

I recommend that new, relatively unknown authors consider a free Kindle Book Launch Promotion using Kindle Select.   Normally a FREE promotion should be accompanied with promotion on various e book sites that promote free or discounted eBooks. Here are the benefits of doing a FREE Book Launch Promotion on Kindle: It gets you noticed. The challenge today for authors is not getting published (which is relatively easy) but getting noticed.   A FREE promotion of your Kindle is an inexpensive way to get lots of downloads Read More +

Voyage Media – Bookstand Publishing’s Partner in Book-to-Screen Services

Bookstand Publishing has partnered with Voyage Media to offer a premier selection of Book-to-Screen services to help you get your book in front of a producer and to pitch your story in a professional way that entertainment executives will understand and appreciate. Voyage Media has developed, sold, produced and/or distributed over 2000 entertainment projects for self and unpublished authors, emerging screenwriters and power-house production companies and studios such as Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, and many others.   Voyage Testimonials and Success Stories I’ve produced a Read More +

Developing a Marketing Plan to Sell Your Book – Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Book is Published

Books don’t sell themselves. You need to promote them. The first step in promoting your book is to develop a marketing plan to sell your book. If you don’t know where you are going, no road will take you there. If you want to sell books, you need to know where you are going; you need to have a plan on how you are going to sell your book. To develop a basic marketing plan to sell your book, you need to ask yourself four Read More +

Getting Book Reviews Using Bookstand Publishing’s Customer Review Service

Bookstand Publishing’s unique Customer Review Service is a very efficient tool for getting book reviews about your book posted on Amazon and elsewhere. Here is how it works: 1.  First we identify Amazon reviewers who have written reviews for books similar to yours. We have a program that finds these reviewers based on the books and topics we identify (for example, if your book is about white water river rafting we find Amazon reviewers who have written reviews for other books about river rafting).  We will find at Read More +

Marketing Your Book on Goodreads

By Cynthia Shannon Goodreads Author Marketing Coordinator “Go where the readers are” is the standard advice for authors contemplating how to best market their books. With more than 30 million members, Goodreads is the world’s largest community of readers. Even better, Goodreads’ mission is to help readers find and share books they love. For authors, it provides a platform to Continue Reading

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"With more than 30 million members, Goodreads is the world's largest community of readers."  Every self-published author interested in marketing their book should have an account on Goodreads.

How to Solicit Book Reviews

Getting book reviews can be tough, but getting book reviews is essential if you want to promote your book to a wide audience.   Most independent authors who receive reviews, and even authors who have published through one of the “Big Five” publishers—unless, of course, they are J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer—are not getting their reviews organically; they have a strategy, and they are out there working hard to get their reviews.  Soliciting book reviews requires a different strategy set, depending on whether you are soliciting Read More +

Online Relationships are Key to Marketing Your Self Published Book

Today, more books are purchased online than through traditional bookstores. The key to making online book sales happen is to establish key relationships with websites, blogs, and social networking sites of special interest to your target market. Here are the steps to do this: 1.  Make A List of the Sites and Blogs of Most Interest to Your Potential Audience I recommend that authors make a list of the top five targeted websites and top five targeted blogs or social networking sites that your most Read More +

How To Get Your Self Published Book On Bookstore Shelves

Here are the items you need to have in order to get your self published book inside brick and mortar bookstores:  1.     The Basics  No bookstore will put your book on their shelf, unless you have the essential items below. ISBN number Bowkers Books in Print Registration Distribution through the wholesaler Ingram and/or Baker & Taylor Print on Demand order fulfillment Hardcover or Paperback binding Most self publishing companies will provide these items to you as a part of their basic services. 2.      Read More +

What is an Author Platform?

Your author platform is where you communicate your expertise or interest on a regular basis.  Having a successful platform means you are known for something.  Being known for something means your book about your area of expertise or interest has the potential to sell well. Building an author platform takes time.  Ideally, you should build your platform 2 to 3 years before you publish your book.  In reality, however, many self-published authors decide to publish a book as a way to begin to build their Read More +