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Getting Book Reviews Using Bookstand Publishing’s Customer Review Service

Bookstand Publishing’s unique Customer Review Service is a very efficient tool for getting book reviews about your book posted on Amazon and elsewhere. Here is how it works: 1.  First we identify Amazon reviewers who have written reviews for books similar to yours. We have a program that finds these reviewers based on the books and topics we identify (for example, if your book is about white water river rafting we find Amazon reviewers who have written reviews for other books about river rafting).  We will find at Read More +

Backseat Becomes an Amazon Top 20 Bestseller!

Backseat, written by Tom Wascoe and published by Bookstand Publishing has become an Amazon Top 20 Best Seller! Currently Backseat is ranking #15 for Kindle sales in Men’s Adventure and Literary Humor on Amazon. In addition, with an overall ranking of 3034, it is among the top 1% of Amazon Kindle sales. Backseat is a fictional coming-of-age story about Michael whose freshman year of college has not gone well either socially or academically. In 1969, failure from college or dropping out of school means the draft Read More +

How To Get Your Friends to Write Amazon Book Reviews for Your New Book

Amazon book reviews are essential to sell your book beyond your immediate circle of family and friends.  No one who doesn’t know you will by your book on Amazon if they don’t see any Amazon book reviews. The easiest way to get Amazon book reviews is to ask your friends and family to post book reviews on Amazon for your new book. However, it has been my experience that they won’t do this until you make it real easy for them.  Here is how to make it real easy. Read More +