About Bookstand Publishing

 Since 2006, Bookstand Publishing has been providing the tools to authors so they can professionally publish and market to a worldwide audience.

We take your manuscript and transform it into a professionally published book. You are in control of the process and approve your book and your cover before anything goes to print. Your final book will look exactly like you want it.

As a Print On Demand publisher we print the books as the orders come in, so you don’t end up with a garage full of books and too much money out of your pocket. We handle all the printing, order processing, and royalty collection.

We see to it that your book is posted on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com and is available through the major books wholesalers. We create Kindle, Nook and iTunes (for Apple iPad) editions of your book.  We have a variety of marketing, publicity, and bookseller services that will get  your book noticed.

We provide generous royalties on the sale of your book and provide you with sales report so you know what is selling.

Bookstand Publishing
530 S Lake Avenue, #473
Pasadena, CA 91101




7 thoughts on “About Bookstand Publishing

  • Robert

    I wrote a memoir of my Army days and Vietnam experiences (’69 & ’70). However, I wrote it over a period of 25 years. I have been considering some help with self-publishing and was looking hard at Lulu. However, your new website is so slick it drew me in. I read the articles on memoir writing and have now moved you to the top of my possible publishers list. Good job.

    • Bookstand Post author

      Thanks for the post Robert. If you want to discuss your project with me directly, please feel free to call me at 408-722-8746.
      Publishing Consultant

  • Marjorie Fennell

    Wow, what a great job on your new website formatting! At the onset, it engages the person and leads them through your services in an especially timely way. The simplicity and orderliness of the layout makes it so user friendly…something any aspiring author is looking for in making a decision about a publishing company. I think you’ll be seeing a great return on this!

  • Magaly Heriveaux


    I simply want to know your average turn around time? 6weeks? 8 weeks? Please let me know how long it will take to publsh from the time I submit my manuscript and make my payment? This is black and white print, no graphics, 118 pages word document and rich text document, non-fiction, author picture already available, cover picture already available from thinkstock.com. Thanks.

    • Bookstand Post author

      It is about 8 weeks from the time you submit your manuscript until you have all your books and your books are available on the distribution channels. You will get a printed proof of the book in about 5 weeks.


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