Power Publicity Publishing Package – Only $1,999 through May 1!

The Power Publicity Publishing Package  includes:

  • A copy edit (up to 30,000 words)
  • Your book published in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, Nook and iPad Editions with worldwide distribution
  • Customer reviews on Amazon,  Kindle Best Seller status in at least one category, and a press release to over 2,000+ media contacts.

This package is on sale (20% off the rate card or a $598 savings) through May 1!

The Power Publicity Publishing Package provides all of the following:


Interior Book Design and Layout

  • One on One Author Support
  • Classic Book Interior Design
  • Electronic Book Interior Proof with 2 Rounds of Corrections
  • Select Custom Cover from one provided image
  • Hardcover can have a laminate hardcover or dustjacket
  • Author Photo on Back Cover
  • Electronic Cover Proof with 2 Rounds of Corrections
  • Printed Paperback Proof

Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook Editions

  • 1 Complimentary Hardcover Copy
  • 6 Complimentary Paperback Copies (including 1 printed proof)
  • Kindle Ebook Edition available on Amazon
  • Nook Ebook Edition Available on Barnesandnoble.com
  • Epub Edition (for Apple iPad) Available on iTunes.com

 Distribution and Order Fulfillment Service

  • Worldwide Distribution
  • Registrations with online booksellers through Ingram & Baker & Taylor
  • ISBN Assignments
  • Registration with Books In Print database
  • Orders fulfilled for you on a Print on Demand Basis
  • Generous Royalties
  • Set Your Own Retail Price
  • Author Volume Discounts

Copy Editing Service – Up to 30,000 Words

Simple grammatical and/or spelling errors can and will hurt the sales of your book. We will have one of our editors perform a basic manuscript line edit for grammar, tense, spelling, and punctuation to polish your book. After the task is completed, you will have an opportunity for a final review prior to your book’s printing.

This Copy Edit is for up to 30,000 words.  If your manuscript is more than 30,000 words we will charge you an additional $.02 a word for every word over 30,000 to complete the Copy Edit,

Customer Review Service 

Customer reviews sell books.

With our Customer Review Service we will solicit reviews for your book from relevant Amazon Top Reviewers. We normally expect 3 or more reviews on Amazon as a result of this service.

You can read more about how this service works here: http://bookstandpublishing.com/getting-book-reviews/ 

Amazon Kindle Best Seller Campaign

The Kindle Best Seller Service will get your Amazon Kindle Edition into the top ranks of an Amazon Kindle Category. This gives your Kindle Edition exposure to lots of readers and allows you to use “Amazon Bestseller” in your subsequent marketing efforts.

This service includes:

  • Two Amazon Kindle Category Recommendations
  • Detailed Analysis of each Recommended Category
  • Assignment of Categories previous to campaign
  • Kindle Marketing Campaign with guaranteed Paid Ranking Results between 3000 and 1000
  • Screen Shot verification of overall and category rankings
  • “Your Book” is now an Amazon Bestseller blog posting on Bookstand Publishing (See here)

Your Kindle book must be priced at $.99 for the duration of promotion.  We cannot implement this promotion until at least 3 or more reviews have posted on Amazon (more is better)

You can read more about this service here: http://bookstandpublishing.com/how-to-make-your-book-an-amazon-kindle-best-seller/

Press Release

We will prepare a single press release and send it to at least 2,000 media outlets, blogs and websites that publish book reviews.

You can read more about how our Press Release service works here: http://bookstandpublishing.com/how-to-use-press-releases-to-promote-your-book/

April 2015 Promotional Discount

We are offering a Special Discount on the Power Publicity Publishing Package through May 1, 2015 of $598!


Buy Power Publicity Publishing Package Now

Or call us to discuss your book at 408-852-1832.

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