Kindle Optimum $399

A Kindle Optimum Package provides all the following:

Book Design and Layout

  • One on One Author Support
  • Classic Book Interior Design
  • Select Custom Cover from one provided image
  • Call To Action (CTA) Page
  • Electronic Book Interior Proof
  • Electronic Cover Proof

Amazon Search Optimization

  • Category Assignment
    • We will research the best categories and find two categories relevant to the topic of your book, where current book rankings are such that we think you have a potential of being in the top 20 with reasonable promotion.
    • You will approve the categories before they are assigned.
  • Keyword Research
    • We will research the Top Amazon Search Phrases and determine popular keywords and long tail phrases that will get your book noticed in the Amazon Search results.
    • We will share the results of our research with you.
    • We will assign your Keyword and Long Tail Phrases to the KDP Keywords within Kindle Direct Publishing Platform
  • Title/Sub Title Recommendations:
    • We will recommend a Title/Subtitle for your book based on the Keyword Research that will help get your book noticed in the Amazon Search


  • Your Kindle book:
    • Available for sale on Amazon
    • Exclusive on Amazon for the first 90 days (through Kindle Select)
    • Available through Kindle Unlimited subscription program
    • Available through Kindle Owner’s Lending Library
  • 70% royalty paid on sales when book is priced between $2.99 and $9.99
  • 30% royalty paid on sales for prices outside this range

 Kindle Promotion

  • Book Launch Promotion.
    • Readers worldwide will be able to get your Kindle book FREE for the first 5 days.
    • We will announce this FREE promotion on 16 different ebook websites.
    • This introductory offer gets your book noticed, builds ranking on Amazon, helps you get author reviews and lays the foundation for post-promotion revenue.
  • Kindle Advertising Guidelines
    • We will provide you with our Kindle Advertising and Promotional Guidelines to show you how to continue to promote your Kindle book post launch

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