How Does Bookstand Publishing Compare to Xlibris, Outskirts, Create Space and Lulu?

We are often asked how the services of Bookstand Publishing compare to other Print On Demand publishing companies.   To help answer this question we put together this chart comparing our Classic Publishing Package to the equivalent packages on Xlibris, Outskirts Press, Create Space and Lulu.  This comparison is as of June 20, 2015.

As you can see, Bookstand Publishing rates are very competitive.





Xlibris Outskirts Create Space –  Professional Services Lulu – Professional Services
Company Website
Publishing Packages Classic Package Basic Package Ruby Publishing Package No Package.  Pay piecemeal.  See pricing below Classic Publishing Service Package
Package Price $499.00 $699.00 $699.00 Not Available $999.00
Retail Price Flexible Pricing Flexible Pricing Flexible Pricing Flexible Pricing Flexible Pricing
Books with Package 6 6 6 Pay per copy 1
Submission as
rough formatted MS Word Doc
Yes Yes Yes Yes with formatting service (see below) Yes
ISBN Yes Yes Yes $10 – $99 Yes
Simple Formatting Yes Yes Yes $199 – $349 Yes
Cover Design Yes No –
Choose 1 of 8 Templates
No –
Choose 1 of 12 Templates
$399 – $599 Yes
Worldwide Distribution Yes Yes Yes Yes with ISBN, Standard Trim Size and Expanded Distribution Yes
Ebook Yes. Kindle, Nook and
iPad editions
Yes – mobi  & epub No $79 – Amazon Kindle Only Yes
Ebook Distribution 



Kindle Edition available
on Amazon, Nook
Edition available on,
Epub version
(for Apple iPad)
available on
Ebook version
only available
on Xlibris site,
but will add
distribution for
an additional fee
No Amazon Kindle Only Yes
Selected Marketing Services
Author WebPage
with Unique
Domain Name
$199 $379 + Not Available Not Available $379+
Press Release $199 $399 – $799 $219 Not Available $499+
Publicity Campaign $499 – $800 $4,999 + 219 (PR Publicist) Not Available $6,299+
Bookstore Return Program $299 $699 $499 Create Space Does
Not Accept Returns
Lulu Does Not Accept Returns
Book Trailer  Video $250 $1,999 + $499 Not Available $3,599+
Amazon Kindle Best Seller Campaign $499 – $749 Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Review Service $350 (submission to 50+ Amazon reviewers in your genre) $1099 + $299 (submission to 10 online book review websites) $425 + (Kirkus Indie Review) $3199+


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