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Purchasing Editing andEditing and Graphic Services Graphic Services

Many of these Editing and Graphic services can be added to a Classic or Custom Publishing Package (see the sidebar on the left).   We can also create a Custom Quote for you that includes appropriate Editing and Graphic Services.  If your book is already in the process of being published with Bookstand Publishing we can add these additional services to your balance due or send you an electronic invoice.


 Editing Services

Copy Editing Service – $.02 Per Word

Simple grammatical and/or spelling errors can and will hurt the sales of your book. We will have one of our editors perform a basic manuscript line edit for grammar, spelling, and punctuation to polish your book. After the task is completed, you will have an opportunity for a final review prior to your book’s printing. NOTE: You can find the number of words in the book file by choosing Tools/Word Count in Word.


A Line Edit includes everything in a Copy Edit plus more.  With a Line Edit our editor will go over your manuscript with a fine tooth comb. They will catch things like inconsistent character behavior/speech, style issues, thematic variances and readability. A content editor will be able to help you adjust your language by audience and make sure everything makes sense, has believable dialogue and a plausible plotline.

Data Entry Service – $4 Per Page:

Is your book only available in print? We can have your manuscript digitized for only $4.00 per page. After the task is completed, you will have an opportunity for a final review prior to your book’s printing.

Index Service: $150

We will create a simple index for your book using a Concordance File or the file must be tagged in Microsoft Word.

Table of Contents Creation:   $39

If your book requires a Table of Contents and you need us to create it for you.

Additional Round of Corrections (Book or Cover Text):  $60

Our publishing service includes two rounds of corrections for free. Sometimes errors slip through and are caught on the next read. If you find an error after the second round of corrections, you’ll need to purchase this service to finish the job.

Pre-Publication File Replacement $140

If you have received your printed proof and have discovered errors that still need fixing that didn’t get caught in the electronic proofs, you will need to purchase a Pre-Publication File Replacement. This service includes a new printed proof of the revised version.  Please note that if you have corrections to both the book interior (book file) and cover (cover file) you will need to purchase 2 files replacements ($280)

Post-Publication Book Revision $299

If you have already published your book and you want to make changes or update the book, you will need this service.  This includes not only revisions to the book file and cover of the print book but also revisions to the eBooks you have published through Bookstand Publishing.

Electronic Copyright Registration $70

Bookstand Publishing will complete the appropriate forms required by the United States Copyright Office (USCO) and submit an electronic version of your book to the Copyright Office using your approved, final, electronic proof. Upon receipt of the registration certificate, we will send a copy of the certificate to the author.

Library of Congress Registration $75

Bookstand Publishing will complete the appropriate forms required by the United States Library of Congress and upon publication will send one copy of the work to the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress number will be printed inside of the book.


Graphic Services

Executive Custom Cover $349

Provide us with a sample or your ideas for your cover art and our artists will create a unique custom cover for your book.

Custom Illustrations (interior or cover) – $175 Per Illustration

If you need custom artwork or illustrations we will connect you with an artist who will bring your concept to life using various mediums from sketches, water color, oil, digital, etc.

Graphics Image Touch Up ($15 per image)

Resize or crop an image for the book cover or interior.

Insert an image or table into Book File (per image) $15

Insert an image, table or illustration for the book interior and insert into book block.

Multiple Image Insertions into Book File ($10 per Image)

We will insert multiple images (i.e. 10 or more) into your book file for $10 per image

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