Choosing a Cover for Your Self Published Book

Select Custom Cover

For a Select Custom Cover (which comes with the Classic Package, Custom Package, Premium Best Seller Package and Elect Best Seller Package) Bookstand Publishing will design a cover for you from any single image you provide.

The image must be 300 dpi in resolution, and in JPEG or TIFF format.

If you don’t already have artwork for your front cover, you should consider choosing a photo from, which has a selection of more than 6,000,000 images to choose from.


Find a Cover Image Now!

Go to



You can buy the picture yourself and email it to us; or, if you prefer, you can tell us the photo file number and we will purchase it for you and charge it (at $1.60 per iStock credit) to your account. All “Creative” iStock images come with permission to use the image up to 55,000 times in a book cover.

There are several ways in which a cover can be designed using a single cover image. Following are some examples.


Cecelia Army Nurse

Catherine Longwell


We recommend that you submit an image to us and let our graphic artists design a cover using the image in the way they think looks best. We will submit the finished cover to you electronically for your approval, and we can change it if you don’t like it.

Executive Custom Cover

An Executive Custom Cover comes with the Executive Publishing Package or can be purchased for an additional fee of $349.   An Executive Custom Cover is a cover made from multiple images or consists of an illustration drawn by one of our graphic artists.  This type of cover is best when the author has a very specific picture of what he or she wants his cover to look like.

Below are some examples of Executive Custom Covers we have done:

Time Travel Tales

Scare Me

Spooky the Witch


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