Book Marketing Services

Book Marketing Services


Amazon Promotional Campaign

We will work toward making your book into an Amazon Kindle Bestseller in one or more relevant categories.  These are ideal promotions to use to launch your new book, rejuvenate sales for an older established book, or to establish an “authority reputation” for a business expert.

Note: We cannot guarantee rankings or Best Seller status due to changes in Amazon’s algorithms.

You can view some of our successful promotions here.

You can read more about how an Amazon Promotion works here:

Customized Amazon Kindle Promotion    $750

Our Customized Amazon Promotional Campaign will create a unique and custom-built program for you and your book. The package consists of a Kindle Marketing Consultation, an Amazon Promotion Campaign, Post-Campaign Recommendations and One-on-One Consultation with a Marketing Expert for one title.

  • Kindle Marketing Consultation The Kindle Marketing Consultation reviews your current Kindle marketing and positioning strategy and makes recommendations for improvement.
  • Category AssignmentWe will research the best categories and find two categories relevant to the topic of your book, where current book rankings are such that we think you have the potential of being in the top 20 with reasonable promotion.
  • Keyword Research  We will research the Top Amazon Search Phrases and determine popular keywords and long-tail phrases that will get your book noticed in the Amazon Search results. We will recommend your Keyword and Long Tail Phrases to the KDP Keywords within Kindle Direct Publishing Platform.
  • Essential Amazon Book Promotion   Book must be priced at $.99 for the initial Launch Campaign.
  • Kindle Advertising Guidelines  We will provide you with our Kindle Advertising and Promotional Guidelines to show you how to continue to promote your book post-launch.
  • One-on-One Consultation  You will get up to a half-hour of one-on-one consultation with Emily Veeh, Director of Marketing and Operations, to discuss the Marketing Plan and the proposed Promotional Schedule.



Marketing Materials

Word-of-mouth marketing is key to building book sales. Whether it’s passing out business cards to colleagues and friends or sending postcards about your book to prospects, our Marketing Materials are a great first step to promoting your book.

 Postcards (100) $89

The postcards are 4” x 6”s with a full color front with your cover art and ordering information on the back.

 Bookmarks (100) $89

The bookmarks are 2” x 6” with a full color front.

 Business cards (250)  $89

The business cards are 2” x 3.5” and are full color vertical orientation with your cover art on the front and ordering information on the back.

 Promotional Poster $69

Book signings and Speaking Engagements are great ways to market and sell your book. We will create a 20” by 30” glossy full color poster of your book cover and relevant event information so you can better promote your book at Book Signings and Speaking Engagements. Price includes UPS Ground Shipping within the United States.

 Promotional Sell Sheet (50) $89

A promotional Sell Sheet is a must for your Book Signings and Speaking Engagements. We can prepare a Sell Sheet for you which is a single-page color flyer using your book details, author bio, reviews, cover image, book ordering information, and short description. We will send you 50 glossy full color 8.5″ x 11″ flyers as well as a high resolution electronic PDF file, suitable for duplication, so you can print out flyers as you need them.


Online Marketing Services

Amazon Search $69

Inside With Amazon Search Inside, potential customers can browse sample pages and search inside a particular book to confirm that the title is just right for them. In addition, with the Search Inside program, Amazon uses the actual words from inside the books,not just the author, title, and keywords, to return the best selection of books possible. All of this helps you sell more books.

Social Media Consultation $99

One of the easiest and more effective ways to establish yourself online and reach potential customers is to join free social networking and blogging sites that will allow you to interact directly with other online users.

One of our Marketing Consultants will review the most important social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn and Goodreads) and identify the sites that will work best for your book.  Our PDF Guide will show you how to set up and manage profiles on each site show you how to use the sites to expand your visibility as an author.  Used properly, these social media tools can be used to expose your book to hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of potential book buyers interested in your subject matter.

Blog Targeting Report  $99

The biggest fans of your book genre regularly subscribe to or visit book review blogs dedicated to the genre.  The reach of the most influential book review blogs in your genre is most likely in the tens of thousands.  If you want to reach these dedicated fans you need our Blog Targeting Report.

With our Blog Targeting Report we will find the 10 or more of the most influential book review blogs in your genre and send you a detailed report on each blog.  The report will include:

  • Ranking and influence of each blog based on Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and Google Page Rank
  • A description of each blog
  • The specific page link to request a book review
  • Other promotional opportunities available on each site such as book giveaways, guest posts, advertising opportunities, or newsletter sponsorships

This is a great tool to get independent book reviews, find opportunities for guest posts, plan a Blog Tour, and find affordable advertising opportunities.

Author Website $199

Plus $4.95 a month hosting and $10.19 annually for domain name registration

Bookstand Publishing will create a simple 3- to 5-page website for you with a unique domain name, hosted on our site

Video Book Trailer $250

Video is the latest and most effective tool to increase online visibility for your book and get top listings for your book and website on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Through this Campaign, Bookstand Publishing will create a simple video based on your book cover and on key words and phrases related to your book, and will submit the video to more than 10 video and social bookmarking sites including YouTube and Yahoo! Video.

You can see some of the Video Book Trailers Bookstand Publishing has produced here:




Publicity Services

Customer Review Service $350

Customer reviews on Amazon and elsewhere are key to building credibility for your book and in creating buzz. We will solicit customer reviews for your book from Amazon Reviewers who have already reviewed books similar to yours to help you get real Amazon customer reviews for your book.

You can read more about how this service works here: 

Single Press Release $199

We will prepare a single press release and send it to 1,000+ targeted media outlets, blogs and websites that publish book reviews.

You can read more about how our Press Release service works here:

Newsmaker Publicity Campaign $499

Are you an expert on a topic? Is your book about that topic?  

If so we can promote you to as radio, TV and other media as an expert who will make an excellent guest and resource with our Newsmaker Publicity Campaign.  The Campaign consists of the following:

  • We will have one of our public relations professional prepare a pitch that highlights your expertise and/or background and explain how the media would benefit from contacting you for an interview, demonstration, or whatever call to action we decide is best for you and your book.
  • We will send the media pitch to over 1,000 targeted media contacts.
  • We will register you as an expert source on HARO and Radio Guest List (Inquiries will go directly to you).
  • We will place an ad on the Radio Guest List Newsletter featuring your Guest Expert Profile.

Guaranteed News Coverage Press Release $449

We will create a newsworthy press release related to your book and get it placed on the major network affiliate sites including Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC.  This service gives you the you the legal use of the network logos and right to say that you have been on these major networks.
Typically this press release service is used in conjunction with an Amazon Best Seller Promotion and is used to help an author build an “authority reputation” as an expert with a best-selling book.

Business Radio Interview $1,250

Nothing sells business books like a radio interview on a business radio network. We will book you a radio interview with media personality, Stu Taylor, on one of the following nationally syndicated radio shows:

  • Money Matters Radio, Boston, and with a reach into Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Cable Radio Network and streaming audio on the Internet ( The show airs Monday-Friday, morning/drive, 8:00-9:00 am (ET).
  • Equity Strategies, Radio America Network, 38 radio affiliates, Cable Radio Network, and streaming audio on the Internet ( Radio Affiliate Listings


Bookseller Services

Bookstore Discount and Return Program $299

Having your book returnable is essential if you want to get your book directly into physical bookstores.

This Bookstore Discount and Return Program allows bookstores to return unsold copies of your book for a complete refund for 12 months. It also ensures a maximum bookstore discount to encourage bookstores to stock your book.

The Benefits of the Program:

  • Encourages bookstores to order your book.
  • Improves chances of scheduling book signings and appearances.
  • Allows book returns yet will not reduce author royalties.

You can read more about how to get your book on bookstore shelves here:

Bookstore Advertising with Ingram Advance $120 (You must purchase the Book Return Program to advertise to bookstores)

Ingram, the nation’s largest book wholesaler, produces Ingram Advanced, a monthly catalog that is mailed to 13,500 recipients including booksellers, libraries, and international accounts. Your advertisement will include a short paragraph describing your book, retail pricing information, and a black & white image of your cover.


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