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Every Bookstand Publishing Author is given an Online Author Account.

When your book is published you will receive an email with your Login and Password.  When you enter the Login and Password on this page you will be able to access your Author Account. Once you log into your Online Author Account you can:

1. Check Your Book Sales

Click on the Sales Report Tab and then the Book Sales Report link.  Sales are reported monthly.  Royalties are paid quarterly. Please see the Royalties article below for more details about royalties, royalty payments and frequently asked questions about the sales report and royalties.

2.  Order Author Copies of your Book

Click on the Wholesale Package Tab and click on the link next to the book you want to order. You will be asked to complete the order and then you will be taken to a secure page where you can purchase the books online using a debit or credit card. Please allow two weeks for books to be received.

3.  Update Your Account Information

Click on the My Account Tab and you will be able to edit your author profile.   The address information is where we send the royalty checks and we will use your email and phone number if we need to reach you. Please be sure this information is kept up to date. You can also change the Password on your account by clicking on the Change Password button at the bottom of this page.


Bookstand Publishing pays author royalties based on the retail (cover price) that is assigned to your book. Here is our royalty schedule:

  • 70% royalties on all Kindle sales priced between $2.99 and $9.99;
  • 30% royalties on all Kindles sales priced outside of the above range;
  • 50% royalties on all other eBook sales (Nook and iTunes sales)
  • 20% on print book sales through all other retail channels including direct sales on Amazon, and

Royalty checks are paid four times a year in April, July, October, and January at the close of each quarter (Jan-Mar; April-June; July-Sept; Oct-Dec). Royalties are paid when cumulative royalties earned exceed $25.

Royalty payments are usually sent via a check via the US postal system but royalty payments may be made through Paypal upon request.

We do not pay royalties on author wholesale orders you place via our wholesale order system since we offer you a deeply discounted price on each book. (For example, if your paperback book with a black and white interior is less than 100 pages, your direct wholesale price is $4.50 plus shipping. If this book retails at $13.95 you will make a profit $9.76 for each wholesale book you sell.)



Frequently Asked Questions 

about The Sales Report and Royalties

1. What are Ingram Sales?

Ingram is the wholesale company that distributes your book.  Direct sales through Amazon,, bookstores and other retailers come through Ingram and these are entitled Ingram sales in your Book Sales Report.

2.  When are sales updated?

Sales are usually updated on the first Monday of the month from the previous month.  The date at the top of this page shows when the sales were last updated.

3.  I had a friend tell me he bought the book but it isn’t showing in your report.  Why not?

Sales are reported when the book ships so if your friend bought the book at the end of the month it may not show until the following month. If you still feel the report is in error, please find out from your friend exactly when and where he or she bought the book (e.g. Amazon on November 12, 2014) and we will follow up to be sure that the sale was recorded properly.  A receipt from your friend would be ideal.  Also, every book sold has a code on the last page that tells us when the book was printed so if your friend can tell us that number, it would help in tracking the problem.

4.  I think I should have received a royalty check last month but I didn’t.  What do I do?

Please remember that checks are only sent out in March, June September, and December.  If you feel you didn’t receive a check that was owed to you, please call us so we can investigate the issue and either explain why you didn’t get a check or get a check to you.

5.  It says you updated the Sales Report, but I still don’t see any sales in the previous month.  How come?

If the Sales Report has been updated and you don’t see any sales for the previous month it is because you did not have any sales in the previous month.  If you don’t have any sales for a month we won’t list anything.  We won’t list “0” sales.

6.  How come I don’t have more sales?

Books do not sell themselves.  Authors need to be actively marketing and promoting their books in order to have sales.

We are always happy to talk to you about what can be done to better promote the book.

You can view our articles on marketing your book here.

You can view our Marketing Services here.

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