How to Make Your Book an Amazon Kindle Best Seller

Amazon Kindle BestsellerBookstand Publishing’s Amazon Kindle Best Seller Service will get your Amazon Kindle Edition into the top ranks of an Amazon Kindle Category. This gives your Kindle Edition exposure to lots of readers and allows you to use “Amazon Bestseller” in your subsequent marketing efforts and can be very effective in creating additional interest in your book.

Here is how it works:

1. We find the best Categories for Your Amazon Kindle Best Seller Campaign

Amazon Kindle has over a hundred different categories for Amazon Kindle books.  Ideally we would like your book to be in the top 20 ‘Bestsellers” in one or more one of these categories.

Amazon allows the publisher to assign your book to two categories (and Amazon may assign it to additional categories).  Normally, your book is automatically assigned to the most obvious categories.  For example, if you have a Romance Novel about Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution your book would likely be assigned to Fiction/Historical and Fiction/Romance.

Amazon ranks books based on sales relative to other books overall and within categories.  They update rankings hourly for most books.  If you want to know what the rankings typically mean in terms of sales please you can view these estimates:

For example purposes, let’s say you do a big promotion and sell 20 copies of your Kindle Edition in a single day and your Kindle ranking jumps to 7500.  Here is how your book would rank in the Fiction/Historical and Fiction/Romance categories:

Kindle Category Fiction/Historical* Fiction/ Romance*
#1 in Category is Ranked:                             #14                            #7
#20 in Category is Ranked:                            #234                           #45
#100 in Category is Ranked:                           #1870                           #193
Your Book is Ranked:                           #7500                         #7500
Your Book is: Not even in the top 100 Not even in the top 100

*Based on actual rankings Feb. 25, 2015


However, instead, let’s say we do some research and analysis and assign your Kindle Edition to the Historical French Fiction and Biographical Fiction categories.   Now, here is how your book would rank in the Historical French Fiction and Biographical Fiction categories:

Kindle Category Historical French Fiction* Biographical Fiction*
#1 in Category is Ranked: #4808 #344
#20 in Category is Ranked: #59932 #7944
#100 in Category is Ranked: #264811 #39594
Your Book is Ranked: #7500 #7500
Your Book is: #4 Amazon Best Seller Under Historical French Fiction #19 Amazon Best Seller Under Historical Biographical Fiction

*Based on actual rankings Feb. 25, 2015


As you can see, selecting the right categories makes a big difference in moving your book to Best Seller status.

In doing research to find the best categories we need to find a category that is relevant to the topic of your book, where current book rankings are such that we think we can move your book into the top 20 and the category is still profitable (that is we don’t want a category that is so obscure your book will never be seen).

We have a program that will help us analyze and determine the best category for your book.  We will send you two reports for the recommended categories.  Once you approve we will assign your book to the new categories and they will take effect within a couple of days.

Below is a sample of what a report for a Recommended Category looks like (click on the image to view a PDF version):

Marie Antoinette In Love Amazon Kindle Bestseller Recommended Category 1.xl

2.  We launch an Amazon Kindle Best Seller Campaign to promote your book

Before the campaign:

  • We change the price of your Kindle Edition to $.99. This lowers your royalty to 30% on the Kindle ebook (Amazon policy) but it enables us to promote the book as significantly discounted and to sell enough books to bump up your ranking significantly.
  • We confirm you have at least 3 positive reviews on Amazon. We cannot effectively promote your Kindle Edition without at least three reviews.  (If you need help getting reviews please consider our Customer Service Review program for $350)

Then we launch a short intense promotion using email blasts, targeted book promotion and distribution to your ideal reader. Your book will receive numerous sales and your paid rank will increase and you will become a best seller.  These are all real sales from real readers.

We can guarantee the following ranking for the following prices:

  • Essential Amazon Promotion (Guaranteed Paid Ranking of 5,000 to 10,000) – $525
  • Extreme Amazon Promotion (Guaranteed Paid Ranking of 3,000 to 1,000) – $750

Both of these promotions consist of a Kindle Marketing Consultation, an Amazon Best Seller Promotion Campaign with Guaranteed Ranking, Post-Campaign Recommendations and One-on-One Consultation with a Marketing Expert for one title.

3.  We post the results and Blog about your Amazon Kindle Bestseller

Once your book has become an Amazon Best Seller within one or more of the categories we have chosen, we will blog about the success with screen shots showing the overall ranking and best seller status within a category or categories.

You can view our Amazon Kindle Best Seller Blogs here:

You can link to your blog posting in Facebook and other Social Media.  You can mention your best seller status in your advertising, press releases and media pitches.

It is especially effective to follow-up your Amazon Kindle Best Seller success with a press release or media pitch.

After the campaign we change the pricing of your Kindle edition to $2.99 (low enough to keep up momentum but high enough so we can later discount the book again and run a new promotion).

If you are interested, please click on the button below to purchase or call Andy at 408-722-8746 to discuss.

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